The Veil [2009]

Lumea mortilor nu se uneste cu cea a viilor uneori, cand si cand, asa cum invatam…

Superb desenate, cele patru volume ale acestei serii publicate la IDW nu ne arata decat un singur lucru: intre cele doua lumi nu se afla nimic.

…si spunea:

The city never sleeps. But, sometimes, it dozes. It happens in those forsaken hours, late into the night, before the crack of down. The city curls itself up, lights of the street lamps, and you can see only a few restless souls wandering about. Roaming like sick blood cells in the veins of the streets.

…si mai spunea:

We don’t like darkness. We don’t know what could be lying in wait or what it could it could take out of us. When we invented fire, it was to keep the darkness out. We built big cities, big fortress full of light, to keep the darkness out. Now we’ve forgotten what living in darkness was like. But the darkness is always there… Lights can’t reach every shadow corner of our fortress.