The idea and ideal of the town

Acest volum,  intitulat The Idea and Ideal of the Town Between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages, face parte din seria The Transformation of the Roman World. A Scientific Programme of the European Science Foundation. Brill, 1999.

It is… important to stress the sophistication of the Roman achievement, the traume of its dissolution, and the importance of its partial survival (wich was much greater in the Mediteranean regions than in the North). Otherwise, there is a risk that the overall “Transformation” project may settle into a comfortable orthodoxy wich depicts the “Transformation of the Roman World” as a essentially progressive (and north-European) phenomenon – the birth of Germanic, and eventually “Carolingian”, Europe, whose “real” care lay north of the Alps, east of the Pyrenees and west of the Elbe. It is striking how well this historical perspective suits a European Union centred on Strasourg, Brussels and Frankfurt.

With the declining status of classical education in the modern world, it is not surprising that Rome and its heritage are losing the unifying cultural role that they once played within Europe (both within the former frontiers of the Empire and beyond them). But sadly, a new European origin-myth, this time centred on the Carolingian Empire, is unlikely to prove any better an historical glue with wich to bound the diverse peoples of Europe.


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