The Forgotten Pleasure of Hand-Printing

Titlul acestui post este al unui articol din revista Matrix, unul din extrem de putinele jurnale care se mai tiparesc manual.

La Whittington Press.

The Matrix journal is a rare gem and contains articles on every aspect of printing from typesetting and bookbinding to papermaking and lithography. Matrix is of interest to printers and bibliophiles not just as a source of information on fine print houses, illustrators, and typographers, but as a work of art in itself. Hand set and printed in a limited edition by the Whittington Press in England, each issue comes in a unique binding and jacket containing richly textured pages with beautiful photographic spreads and inserts of lithographs, woodcuttings, and handmade paper samples.

Oooooh, descrierea asta m-a facut sa-mi saliveze degetele si urechile.

Matrix: A Review for Printers & Bibliophiles (incluse si alte publicatii).