Tessa Boffin

Despre posibilitatea imaginii in societatea crestin-nihilist-iconoclasta. Tessa Boffin – din seria The Knights Move.

Tessa Boffin Born 1960; died October, 1993. British photographer. Her series of photographs Angels Rebels: Lesbians and Safer Sex, 1989, addressed the issue of how lesbians are influenced by AIDS and how they could continue to enjoy sexual expression in the face of sensational press stories. In a series of portraits, The Knight’s Move, 1990, she looked at lesbian history and stereotyping. In 1992 Tessa Boffin began working with her lover, Nerina Ferguson, on the “Crucifixion Cabaret” at the Purgatory nightclub. Tessa Boffin played a centurian in full costume with red and gold cloak, and Nerina Ferguson took the role of a gold-painted naked slave. Tessa Boffin took her own life in October, 1993.


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