Unul din ultimele trenduri in materie de socio-economie.

1. Personal cred ca atata vreme cat termeni ca “everyone” vor continua sa existe in discursul socio-politico-economic contemporan (de coloratura analitica), astfel de initiative sunt… [mi-am muscat limba]

2. Distanta dintre Techonomy / Technocracy este extrem de mica. Cu toate ca ideologii Techonomy-smului mentioneaza ca Techonomy is not technocracy, ei sustin ca engineers and entrepreneurs must become social engineers and social entrepreneurs. Imi scapa mie ceva, sau…cam “aproximativ exact” acelasi lucru il sustineau si technocratii – specialistii in hard-sciences vor ocupa intregul aparat socio-administrativ? Si nu cumva s-a incercat deja acest lucru*?

3. David Kirkpatrick says “technology can do everything”.

4. Techonomy promotes a rational, optimistic, forward-looking, technically savvy work ethic.


Techonomy 2010: The Ecology of Innovation ( Part. I / V )


* If one defines technocracy as rule by people who were educated in hard sciences, the Soviet Union was one of these. Between 1956-1986 the percentage of the members of the Politburo, the top political body in the Soviet Union at the time, who had received their education in technical areas rose from 59% to 89%. [aici].