Pearry Reginald – The Gene Generation [2007]


Acest film mi-a adus aminte de ce scria intr-un articol despre Gene Patent:

The purpose of the patent system is to encourage innovation and the development of products by providing the holder of a patent with a twenty-year monopoly over the use of an invention. Patenting genes runs counter to this purpose because gene patents are stifling innovation and impeding access to genetic diagnostic and treatment technologies. Many researchers who are searching for genes that predispose individuals to diseases are reluctant to share information and tissue samples with other researchers because they want to discover the gene themselves and to reap the financial rewards of discovery. These rewards can be high. For example, one particular gene patent in the United States is worth $1.5 billion annually. Once a gene is discovered, the patent holder can prevent any doctor or laboratory from even checking a person’s body to see if he or she has a mutation of the gene. Alternatively, the patent holder can collect a very high royalty from the doctors and laboratories that examine the gene. The patent holder can even stop any use of the patented gene. One patent holder, for example, will not permit the use of its gene in prenatal screening because of the controversy surrounding abortion. Another patent holder, a major European pharmaceutical company, will not allow anyone to use its patented gene to develop a test which shows which patients will benefit from one of the company’s drugs and which will not. Another biotechnology company has a patent on the genetic sequence of a particular infectious disease and is stopping another company from instituting inexpensive public health screening to determine if people are infected.

Cam asa functioneaza lucrurile in the real world, iar presimtirea pe care o am este ca o piata neagra in care materialul de contrabanda vor fi genele & stuff este pe cale de a se naste (daca nu cumva chiar exista deja). Cei care viseaza la viitorul de aur prezis de Transhumanisti ar fi bine sa se trezeasca. You cant have sex without loosing your innocence. At least if you’re not Virgin Mary.