Paul Virilio – Bunker Archeology [2009]

Nu ai cum sa scrii despre Virilio si sa fii, in acelasi timp, “sanatos” la minte. Cu putin timp in urma a aparut la Princeton, in prima traducere engleza, fantastica carte a francezului: Bunker Archéologie. Étude sur l’espace militaire européen de la Seconde Guerre mondiale.

Ca si dementul de Baudrillard, Virilio este (si) fotograf. Insa, spre deosebire de primul, el mai are si talent:

The author’s haunting photographs are accompanied by his analysis of the architecture of war in both philosophical and concrete terms. Virilio discusses fortresses and military space in general and the bunkers themselves, including facsimiles of original military maps and extracts from Hitler’s “Directives of War.” He also examines the role of Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect, in the rise of the Third Reich.

…si spunea:

The concept of reality is always the first victim of modern war. Virtual, the digital, reduces to zero the distance which is constitutive of human identity: the distance between observer and observed.

Cel care trage si cel care moare sunt identici.