Nicolas Klotz – La question humaine [2007]

…si spunea:

Language is a powerful means of propaganda. It’s the most public and the most secret at the same time. The effect of this propaganda isn’t produced by speeches, articles, and flyers. It seeps into the masses’ flesh and blood. Did you know we don’t have poor people anymore? Only people on modest incomes… words emptied of all meaning. It’s a break down of the language. A dead language. Neutral. Invaded by technical words. A language which gradually absorbs its humanity. Understand?

(Arie Neumann)



Pentru cei interesati in dansul contemporan, happening & stuff, la un moment dat in film are loc o rave-party. Dupa ce i-a sfarsit, un tip improvizeaza, cu castile pe urechi, un dans haotic printre cei adormiti. Superb.