LI (XCVI) – Wall Maniacs # 1

The “wall noise” genre is about getting away from persona in music and embracing the pure properties of sound itself. Whether these artists are coming from a militant standpoint of putting forth aesthetic terrorism or simply enjoying the properties of pure sound, the noise extreme has found an intense focus and purpose in the Harsh Noise Wall(s) style. Harsh Noise Wall(s) (heretofore abbreviated as HNW) is a genre of music based around the concept of extreme noise minimalism and constancy of sound, total absorption into a void of sound. Typically it is difficult to define soundwise except by that which it is lacking, largely for the most part being dynamics.

Wall Maniacs # 1 apare pe un blog destul de tanar, Unlistenable music, si contine, pe langa scurta introducere de mai sus, recenzii la diverse albume din aria HNW produse de artisti consacrati in domeniu: Vomir, Fukte, Missing Girls, Bachir Gemayel etc.


E.E.E. [harsh static minimalism] – Erotika: