Koyuki: neauzitul din-tre noi

Infinit de multe. Insa, paradoxal, chiar daca sunt atat de multe, nu trebuie sa ne speriem ca nu le vom putea niciodata cuprinde, surprinde, intinde. Koyuki este mai mult decat un label. Este o poarta de intrare catre lumea fascinanta a microsound-ului.

Multe dintre lucrarile artistilor din cadrul familiei Koyuki au o caracteristica comuna: trebuie ascultate la maxim.

Koyuki (light snow) is a project focused on minimalist aestethics in sound and image started by David Sani (shinkei) and Luigi Turra.  Koyuki interests are the perception of sound – the spaces between sound and silence – deep frequencies and inaudibility – the analysis of organic recordings – the relationship between digitalism and ancient traditional sounds – abstract digital processing of images.  these concepts are explored through compositions hopefully interesting for the mind and beautiful to eyes and ears.  koyuki suggests active participation from the listener/viewer, be it in the form of silent meditation or the attention needed to feel almost imperceptible frequencies and resonances.

Mai jos puteti asculta un field sound realizat de Juan José Calarco si Adrián Juárez:

Based on processed field recordings from some streets of Buenos Aires at late night and La Plata evenings, subway stations and electrical devices.


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Tadao Ando in sunet + cateva imagini cu Vitra Seminar House.