Dustin O’Halloran – Opus 20

Muzica este o chestie asa…diversa. La fel si albumele de muzica… foarte greu gasesti o corespondenta intre muzica, artwork si titlurile pieselor.

In cadrul acestui post va propun sa rezolvam macar o parte a problemei: care sunt cele mai interesante / frumoase / provocatoare titluri de piese / albume de care v-ati impiedicat, discret, de-a lungul carierei voastre de ascultatori?

Acest post este in legatura cu serialul [Coperte]: cele mai provocative artwork-uri care mi-au trecut prin mana.

@c – Music For Empty Spaces / 0°-100° / +

Aglaomorpha – Sopor Urbanic

Anduin – Abandoned In Sleep

Ange – Le cimetière des Arlequins

Anderegg – When Rectangles Roll Under Cities

Fabio Orsi – Random Shades Of Day

Goldmund – The Malady Of Elegance

Grundik + Slava* – …for Electronics And Birds

[haven] – The Last Breath of Lonely Buildings

Henri Pousseur – Pétales de rêve dans le paravent du vieux moine

HIV+ – We Are All Haunted Houses

Hum – Pilgrim On The Way Of Negation

In Meditarivm

Jóhann Jóhannsson – And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees

John Hudak – Don’t Worry About Anything, I’ll Talk To You Tomorrow

John Hudak – Room With Sky

Koen Holtkamp – In The Absence Of Gravity Please Note The Position Of The Sun

Kreng – L’autopsie phénoménale de Dieu

Level – In The Palace Of Broken Birds

Lux Interna – God Is Not Dead For The Birds

N. – City Of The Broken Wheelchairs

Stars of the Lid – Requiem for Dying Mothers

Taylor Deupree & Christopher Willits – Become A Plant And Join The Circus (piesa face parte dintr-un album intitulat Invisible Architecture #8 care, la randul sau, face parte dintr-o minunata serie numita Invisible Architecture, publicata de Audiosphere. Nu stiu de ce, dar am eu o slabiciune pentru titlurile care contin referinte arhitectonice…)

The Great Park:

The Weeping Well

Eat Like A Bird – Everything Above Goes Below Someday

Peter Broderick – Music For Falling From Trees

Suicide Commando – God Is in the Rain

V. A. – Erased Tapes Collection I – At The End Of All Music Happiness Will Be Erased

Xingu Hill – Maps Of The Impossible

P.S. Despre ce anume reprezinta imaginea de mai sus vezi aici.

15 thoughts on ““Hum”

  1. Ahaaaa, foarte fain! Multumesc pentru colaborare :)

    Mi-a placut titlul

    …and The Slow Songs About The Dead Calm In Your Arms

    si am vazut ca o piesa din album se numeste

    Little Kafka


  2. Azi am ascultat VC si am regasit albumul:

    Velvet Cacoon – Music for Falling Buildings


    20.SV – Disfigured Children. Radioactive Generation

    Andrew Chalk & Daisuke Suzuki – In Faxfleet Clouds Uplifted Autumn Gave Passage To Kind Nature

    Jon Eberson & Sidsel Endresen – Pigs And Poetry

    Kattoo – l–ll-ll l-ll ll-ll- l-ll- l–l-ll l–l-ll ll– ll– l- l–l- (asta l-am pus mai mult pentru cat e de straniu…Nici albumul nu e rau!)

    Martyn Bates + Troum – To A Child Dancing In The Wind

    Miki Yui – Lupe Luep Peul Epul

    Miki Yui + Rolf Julius – Small Sounds Meet Small Music

    Mirror – Viking Burial For A French Car

    Toshi Ichiyanagi – Music For Living Space

  3. Adun frumos pe hartiuta cand imi aduc aminte cate unul, sau cand le vad in playliste, si cand se fac mai multe, vin sa le impartasesc; pentru ca-s tare frumoase. Titluri, evident; de data asta de piese:

    Ane Brun – Where Friend Rhymes With End

    Arms and Sleepers – 71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance

    Elephantum – Anthem to the Fall and Awakening of the Tiny Yellow Flower *

    Explosions In The Sky – First Breath After Coma

    Fever Ray – Keep the Streets Empty For Me

    * nu exista pe discogs

  4. Multumim, multumim. Foarte faina ultima, cea cu strazile. In fapt, toate is faine…

    Eu adaug in postul principal.

  5. Yellow Eyes – Silence Threads The Evening’s Cloth, are titluri foarte selfless,

    Death in June – Rose clouds of holocaust,

    Scorpion Wind- Heaven Sent

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