2 thoughts on “Gydja

  1. interesant post. vad ca trateaza mai degraba noiseul “cult”. eu cred ca ma voi limita la cat cunosc din aria underground.

    cel mai usor mod de a afla nume noi este prin compilatia “Women in extreme music”, apar acolo cateva tanti care fac noise (pun intended) pe cont propriu.

    vreau sa o amintesc pe Maria Zerfall, proiect industrial legendar din anii ´80. mi se pare fascinant ca ceva atat de extrem vine din partea unei femei.

    intorcandu-ma la muzici optimiste de pus musafirelor in timpul cinei :> :
    Yasnaia de la Hybryds (dar Hybryds sunt foarte interesanti in general).

    Amodali – urmeaza sa scoata un album solo. inainte a colaborat cu un fost membru Death in June la Sixth Comm & Mother Desctruction. ai sa vezi ca in anumite privinte, viziunea ei este similara cu cea a Gydjei. “Do you see Mother Destruction as a vehicle to get your spirituality across to other people?

    Yes, just to invoke the energy. I think it’s in contrast to male dominated industrial (or whatever you want to call it) music where everything is extreme, or aggressive or dark. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think ecstatic energy can be just as powerful, if not more powerful. And to invoke that power and share that with people – it’s not a ‘weak’ think to do. I’d like to take the ecstasy to the extreme and make that as powerful as and strong as the other energies”.

    Artefactum: “female esoterica”.

    Gray Field Recordings, dar fiind mai ethereal, o sa o consideri poate prea optimista :).
    ma gandesc ca mai sunt si altele, dar pana acum atat am descoperit.

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