Fentanyl & Martyrs

Cu abia un an in urma, 2009, lua sfarsit cel de-al doilea razboi cecen. Cei de la Survival Unit, prin albumul Fentanyl & Martyrs incearca sa ne ofere o descriere sonora nu doar a conflictului, ci si a ideologiilor care au stat, si inca stau, in spatele acestuia:

Its attention on the blood-soaked events of the Chechnyan war, Fentanyl & Martyrs takes you to one of the world’s most annihilated conflict zones for the grand tour. Guerrilla warfare, mass graves and merciless tactics are some of the offerings on this soot-covered battlefield and its related theaters, as conveyed by pilfered radio communications, crude and relentless noise and barked sermons of dehumanization. A gruesome assessment that now serves as a fitting epitaph to the conflict’s “official” end as of April 2009.

Mai jos puteti asculta piesa Abkhaz Battalion a carei prima parte se afla pe CD-ul Fentanyl, iar cea de-a doua pe Martyrs.

Abkhaz Battalion I

Abkhaz Battalion II

O capodopera a genului PE, un Requiem al nebuniei, durerii si absurditatii existentei, Fentanyl & Martyrs se asculta numarand:

25,000 to 50,000 dead or missing, mostly civilians in Chechnya. Russian casualties are over 5,200 (official Russian casualty figures)  and are about 11,000 according to the Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers.