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Griul este culoarea preferata a Lanternativei. Mi-ar place sa traiesc intr-o lume gri. Una in care sa ploua torential din cand in cand, inchis intre zidurile unei manastiri gotic / renascentiste cu gradini imense, fantani arteziene, statui pline de muschi si fara nas.

…ganduri razlete in timp ce admiram griul celor de la Hard Graft, sturdy 100% wool and leather.


Edwin Land: 20

2011: 20 de ani de la moartea celui ce a inventat Polaroidul. Unul din eroii lui Steve Jobs atat in ceea ce priveste inspiratia artistica – si asta se vede foarte bine in linia aparatului SX-70 (simplu / elegant / compact) – cat si  personalitatea: a abandonat scoala & stuff, rebel nonconformist and all that crap.

New York by Gehry

…high-rise with undulating waves of stainless steel that reflect the changing light, transforming the appearance of the building throughout the day:

Speaking about stainless steel and its contemporary use in architecture, I’ve found an interesting quote about it*:

“The clean materiality befitting a new age of electricity, steel and glass became identified with modern forms of embodiment: a clean, minimalistic yet very powerful one.” Steel and glass are today’s maybe the most privileged materials in architecture expressing a

“miraculous materiality, a secularized version of the Christian theology of glorified bodies according to which the chains that bind matter and human bodies to the corrosive effects of time are shed through the activation of a higher potentiality”


* From: Jeffrey T. Schnapp – The Fabric of Modern Times.