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Stiinta + Marketing

Am tot sperat sa puna astia pe TED filmuletul pe care il puteti vedea mai jos – eu l-am vazut la / cu un amic acum ceva timp in urma:

Asa. Daca o sa intrati pe situl TED si o sa cititi comentariile, o sa vedeti ca multa lume nu este de acord cu teoriile propuse de Cobley. Un individ / individa numit(a) Prachi Singh scrie:

It is surprising that this is a TED talk because it seems more like a Sunday morning treat to the mind. These marketing ideas are not revolutionary, and certainly don’t exist because of the physics laws that are discussed in their juxtaposition. Nothing to learn. More like entertainment. Strange way to relate marketing with science…which seems like a fad these days. Such coincidental analogies don’t guarantee that marketing strategies won’t change in the future with changing social behavior and technological changes…nor does it prove that they will change adjacently with the physics theories.

Mi-a placut mult comentariul asta. De aia l-am si ales, pentru ca rezuma multe altele din lista. Nevrand sa o lungesc, am sa va spun doar chestii:

1. Singh – o minte rational / stiintifica adevarata – spune: Strange way to relate marketing with science…which seems like a fad these days.

2. Un concept interesant: pseudo-diversitatea. Avem un numar din ce in ce mai mare de produse, apartinand unui numar din ce in ce mai mic de firme (exemplul 1 / exemplul 2).

Chelsea textiles

Chelsea textiles:

is a family firm, started in 1990 by Mona Perlhagen, who moved to London from New York, where she had been a fashion buyer for Bloomingdale’s. She identified a need for perfect recreations of antique embroidered fabrics and cushions, to complement traditional interiors, and set about researching and sourcing authentic materials and the world’s best craftsmen, to produce hand-embroidered fabrics of the same quality as those of the 17th and 18th centuries.


Chelsea Editions