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History of Mechanism and Machine Science

Intotdeauna mi-au placut mecanismele, mai ales cele care se ascund in ceasuri. Imi plac mai ales mecanismele care nu se invart in jurul lor inselor, asam, la infinit, se tot invart. Titirezic.

History of Mechanism and Machine Science este o colectie publicata sub auspiciile Springer. Interesanta colectie, dar cam titirezica – dupa opinia’mi:

This bookseries aims to establish a well defined forum for Monographs and Proceedings on the History of Mechanism and Machine Science (MMS). The series publishes works that give an overview of the historical developments, from the earliest times up to and including the recent past, of MMS in all its technical aspects.  By discussing technical details and formulations and even reformulating those in terms of modern formalisms the possibility is created not only to track the historical technical developments but also to use past experiences in technical teaching and research today. In order to do so, the emphasis must be on technical aspects rather than a purely historical focus, although the latter has its place too.

Scopul final?

The book series is intended to collect technical views on historical developments of the broad field of MMS in a unique frame that can be seen in its totality as an Encyclopaedia of the History of MMS but with the additional purpose of archiving and teaching the History of MMS. Therefore the book series is intended not only for researchers of the History of Engineering but also for professionals and students who are interested in obtaining a clear perspective of the past for their future technical works.

Mai multe titluri si info (se poate consulta doar Introducerea) aici.