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ECMania: Eleni Karaindrou

…si spunea:

A few notes, a dance by the river,

A passing touch, a separation.

Hunted lives

And a century disappearing,

Covering poets’ dreams

With dust.

Asa cum puteti vedea mai jos, Eleni nu a publicat foarte multe albume la ECM. Dintre ele, marea majoritate reprezinta coloane sonore la superbele filme ale lui Theo Angelopoulos, intre solisti aflandu-se si cel putin doi romani: Maria Bildea (harfa) si Sergiu Nastasa (vioara). Daca ar fi sa-mi restrang, dureros, preferintele la doar doua compozitii ale minunatei femei, as alege Ulysse’s gaze si Trojan Women.

…si din nou rostea:

There is something beyond research and analysis, beyond the accumulation of knowledge and information, something beyond the understanding of a poetic text. And this element cannot be explained, it can only be illuminated.


Music for films [ECM 1429]: Part. I + Part. II + Part. III

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Eternity and a day [ECM New Series 1692]: Part. I + Part. II

Trojan Women [ECM New Series 1810]: Part. I + Part. II + Part. III

The weeping meadow [ECM New Series 1885]: Part. I + Part. II

Elegy of the uprooting [ECM New Series 1952/53]: Part. I + Part. II + Part. III + Part. IV

Dust of time [ECM New Series 2070]: Part. I + Part. II