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Creativity and the Capitalist City

This film is more than a local documentary on Amsterdam. It explores the dominant urban re-/development pattern in the name of creativity. The hype around the creative city began already a decade ago, it is global in scope and about to reach its peak. It is the latest strategy for urban renewal in advanced Western capitalist cities. After Richard Florida’s influential book “The Rise of the Creative Class” (2002) creativity has advanced to be the role model of urban regeneration: The New American Dream. What is new about this dream? What happens when the hype is over? Housing as a job or the Right to the City?

Payseur & Schmidt

La origini: o editura feminist / socialista. Acum: le-a mai venit mintea la cap.

Payseur and Schmidt was founded in Cauheegan, Wisconsin in 1912 by Martina Faye Payseur and Hilde Frauke Schmidt, two young women concerned with social justice and true human equality. Armed with a Pearl Improved #11 letterpress, they began producing tracts of a feminist and socialist nature, which, in the early decades of the 20th century, were either received with arms or hostility, both open.

Asadar, de la socialismul democratic / feminist, pentru-toti, ajungem la

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