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Evgeny Mravinsky

Evgeny Mravinsky

premiered Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony. The fate of Shostakovich’s latest symphony appeared to lie in his hands. The result was an astonishing performance and the audience went wild: men and women wept openly during the Largo, and as the finale progressed listeners began to rise gradually to their feet, greeting its final chords with tumultuous applause as Mravinsky waved the score above his head. [aici]

Va invit sa ascultati mai jos ultima parte a acestei Simfonii – 4. Allegro non troppo – sub bagheta lui Evgeny Mravinsky:


Herbert von Karajan once recorded Tchaikovsky’s Fifth Symphony and was pretty much happy about it. He then asked the orchestra manager to find him the record of the same symphony played by Mravinsky’s orchestra. “I hear he did a good job playing it,” Karajan smiled. Listening to Mravinsky’s record a whole three times in a single night, Karajan called the studio in the morning and asked them to delete his own version. He never got back to the Fifth Symphony again.