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Global Networks

In contrast to the notion of globalization as signaling the transformation of the world into a single place or as denoting the “global human condition”, it can be argued that globalization is also a process that produces differentiation. But the alignment of differences is of a kind very different from that associated with such differentiating notions as national character / national culture / national society. For example, the corporate world today has a global geography, but it isn’t everywhere in the world: in fact it has highly defined and structured spaces; it also is increasingly sharply differentiated from noncorporate segments in the economies of global cities or countries where it operates. There is homogenization along certain lines that cross national boundaries and sharp differentiation inside these boundaries. The hierarchical nature of global networks is yet another form of differentiation even within the somewhat homogenized geography of centrality. Globalized forms and processes, though homogenizing, tend to have a distinct geography.” – p. 31