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Ethic Cleansing

Ethic Cleansing este un proiect australian de  PE / DI.

This Means You is a performance  shaped as a “dialog” between two monologues and its focused on the looming hell of dementia and the neglect that awaits many of us in old age. Considering the increasing longevity, by the year 2050 more than 30% of the population will contract some form of dementia.

Pure death industrial nihilio-dementia drenched noise.

P.S. Pentru cei care nu stiu, Screwtape (primul vocalist) chiar lucreaza intr-o nursing home.

Mask of the Slave

M-ar interesa daca cineva are mai multe informatii despre acest label romanesc specializat pe Noise / Power Electronics: Mask of the Slave. Asadar un web-site, cand a fost infintat, cine este in spatele sau etc.

Avand in vedere ca Gelsomina, Objekt4, S.S. Electronics, Kenji Siratori, Haare si Werewolf Jerusalem au scos albume la dansii, inseamna ca nu pot fi decat excelenti! Asta ca sa nu-i mai mentionez aici pe romanii nostri de la Narkoleptik.