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Netsilik Eskimo Series

Realizate in anii ’60, aceasta incredibila serie de documentare

reveal the live reality of traditional Eskimo life before the European acculturation. The Netsilik Eskimos of the Pelly Bay region in the Canadian Arctic had long lived apart from other people and had depended entirely on the land and their own ingenuity to sustain life through the rigors of the Arctic year.

Man: A Course of Study was a program with the ambitious goal of teaching American children what it was to be human. At the program’s core was a benchmark of visual anthropology, the Netsilik Eskimo series, capturing a year in the life of a small Inuit community on the cusp of contact.  Man: A Course of Study created a clash of values that rippled throughout the schools of America, and revealed the fragile relationship between politics and educational reform.

Cohn & Zacharias – The Journals of Knud Rasmussen [2006]

The Journals of Knud Rasmussen is the sad story of the abandonment of shamanism for Christianity by the Inuit in 1922 in one community. It is partly based on the words of the last great Iglulik shaman, Avva, and his life story. The drama reveals the interesting cross-cultural experiences of the explorer as he tries to understand the Inuit people and their customs. Overall, they are a happy people who love music and dancing and laughter. The ones who turn to Christianity are less interested in these things; they are aiming for Heaven and trying to make sure they don’t wind up in Hell. This, unfortunately, results in a hatred of the world [sublinierea imi apartine].