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Monastery Desecration

‘Si Qua In Argis Templa Sunt, Sine Turba Ac Tumultu Diruantur’


Din Grecia, cu dragoste. Titlul piesei este un citat dintr-un edict din Codexul Teodosian cu privire la soarta templelor pagane:

‘If there should be any temples, they shall be torn down without disturbance or tumult. For when they are torn down and removed, the material basis for all superstition will be destroyed’.

‘Si qua in agris templa sunt, sine turba ac tumultu diruantur. His enim deiectis atque sublatis omnis superstitioni materia consumetur’

> Intregul album se poate descarca de aici.


Pe Muhmood l-am mai avut aici pe blog acum cateva mii de ani intr-o sectiune intitulata “Imnul Lanternativei”. Astazi, nici sectiunea si nici imnul nu mai exista. Adevarul e ca foarte putine lucruri pe lumea asta merita sa aiba un imn.


Lenin had an almost evangelical view of the role of electricity, and technology in general, as if it had the power to transform nation and culture. H. G. Wells, after interviewing Lenin in 1920, wrote, “Lenin, [who] like a good orthodox Marxist, denounces all ‘Utopians,’ has succumbed at last to Utopia, the Utopia of electricians.” [source]

…si spunea:

“Communism equals Soviet power plus the electrification of the entire country.” (Lenin)