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Hannibal (2001)

Pentru unele filme e nevoie de vreo 15 de ani sa poti scrie o recenzie decenta. Am vazut Hannibal de o multime de ori, l-am sucit si rasucit pe toate partile (deziluzionat de serialul rcent), dar nu reuseam nici cum sa-i dau de capat (la serial nici nu m-am chinuit). Pana la urma i-am dat o pauza de vreo 3-4 ani, pana zilele trecute, cand m-am pus iar sa-l vaz.

Mai jos, recenzia:




“If he is such an expert on Dante, let him lecture on Dante, to the Studiolo.”

Sogliato hissed the name as though it were the Inquisition.

“Let him face them extempore, next Friday if he can.”

The Studiolo, named for an ornate private study, was a small, fierce group of scholars who had ruined a number of academic reputations and met often in the Palazzo Vecchio. Preparing for them was regarded as a considerable chore, appearing before them a peril.

– Thomas Harris, Hannibal.