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Tendinte imperialiste

Stema Rusiei Imperiale facuta din diverse specii de gandaci. O interesanta piesa de design, plina de semnificatii. Am gasit niste fraze interesante referitoare la gandaci:

The bug’s body is a disappearing act. Phantom limbs have the power to make their presence felt in their absence. The bug’s body is a void. The bug’s body is an object of fascination (object cause of desire): the more that someone tries to kill it, grind it underfoot, spray it, and lay traps for it, the stronger it seems, the moore ubiquitous, the more remarkable, the more fascinating. Cyberculture has never given up on bugs. [aici]

Gandacul ameninta sa stapaneasca lumea. Ce insecticid credeti ca ar trebui folosit?