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Originile (teologice ale) epilarii

Unde e teologic e si dracesc, nu? CTO:

It has lately been found that the Devil do generally mark them with a private mark, by reason the Witches have confessed themselves, that the Devil do lick them with his tongue in some private part of their body, before he receives them to be his servants, which mark commonly is given them under the hair in some part of their body, whereby it may not easily be found out or seen, although they be searched: and generally so long as the mark is not seen to those which search them, so long the parties that have the mark will never confess anything. Therefore by special commandment this Agnis Sampson had all her hair shaven off, in each part of her body, and her head thrown with a rope according to the custom of that country, being a paine most grievous, which she continued almost an hour, during which time she would not confess anything until the Devil’s mark was found upon her privates, then she immediately confessed whatsoever was demanded of her…*

Si uite asa, femeile continua traditia pana astazi, in speranta ca those which search them in some private part of their body vor gasi ceea ce cauta fara prea multa pierdere de timp. :D


* From: Anonymous, Newes from Scotland, Declaring the Damnable Life and Death of Doctor Fian, a Notable Sorcerer Who Was Burned at Edenbrough in January Last (London: John Lane, 1591).