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Pour John Lobb

Citeam intr-un articol:

Whereas the term mechanic (or industrial, or practical) arts calls to mind men with soiled hands tinkering at workbenches, technology conjures clean, well-educated, white male technicians in control booths watching dials, instrument panels, or computer monitors. […] This dispassionate word technology, with its synthetic patina, its lack of a physical or sensory referent, its aura of sanitized, bloodless, disembodied  cerebration and precision,  has eased the induction of what had been the mechanic arts – now practiced by engineers – into the precincts of the finer arts and higher learning.*

Dap, cine vrea sa aiba de-a face cu un obiect atins de o fiinta mizera, mustind de transpiratie, cu lenjeria intima plina de tot felul de scurgeri, cu ceara in urechi si muci in nas, cu un vocabular ce huleste Creatorul chiar si cand sopteste rugaciuni?!

Aceasta este, in general, imaginea fiintei umane in teologia reformata**. Astfel, nu e de mirare ca in tarile cu background puritan – U.S.A., Elvetia – tehnologia si arta mecanismului pur care se misca fara interventie umana (vezi orologeria) au avut si au un astfel de avant. Poate ca, pe termen lung, acesta sa fie si motivul pentru care productia de bunuri de consum s-a mutat si se muta overseas, cei din “tarile civilizate” producand din ce in ce mai mult doar servicii. From their clean offices.


* Leo Marx – Technology: The Emergence of a Hazardous Concept, Technology and Culture, Volume 51, Number 3, July 2010.

** Imagine pe care, recunosc, o impartasesc in mare masura.

Cyrill Schläpfer – Ur-Musig [1993]

Muzica, asa cum am mai spus si cu alte ocazii, nu este doar despre sunetul auzit. Muzica este spatiul care te inconjoara.

UR-MUSIG is a musical trip through the archaic soundscape that has survived in parts of central Switzerland and the region around Appenzell. The voyage explores the interdependence of music (sound) and landscape (picture), and depicts the bond between the inhabitants, their forms of musical expression, and the landscape in which they live. In addition to instrumental and vocal folk music, a vital role is played by the sounds of nature and the environment, the clanging of cowbells and the communication between man and animal.

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