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In cartile vechi se spune ca numele Demonilor, a Zeilor sau unele de-nerostit-taine trebuie sa fie scrise pe apa. Inde face parte din insiruirea de mai sus. Este numele pe care nu il poti niciodata citi. Pentru ca este scris pe partea intunecata a Soarelui.

There is a world that shadows our world, a world of mysterious design and unspoken secrets, of space that breathes and infinite echoes that never cease to cry. Mirrors that refract images into dark pools of cosmic nothingness. Inade explore these worlds… The mythology that Inade has created touches that place beyond forever, yet now, through the insistence of that which lurks in the margins, a metamorphosis has transpired, in which the cosmos of self has awakened. If one believes that God is everywhere, so is the Darkness that came before Him. A Darkness thriving with anonymous ideals (the possibilities are endless … ) and devious intentions, resplendent with mystical creatures that shamble through antediluvian kingdoms constructed from polished metal, luxurious crystals, and unlimited dreams … though one would need new eyes to see them, and new ears to hear them. It’s up to the individual listener to listen intently, behind shuttered eyelids … to see and experience the true labyrinthine hierarchy of black splendor that awaits.

Abandoned Inferno:

Altar to the Unknown:

Canon of Proportion: