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Lustre Pottery

Ce sa mai spun?! Cand va beti ceaiul de amiaza sau seara sa nu lasati cescutele sau ceainicele nesupravegheate.

Walking Ware was designed by Roger Michell Lustre Pottery in 1973 from an idea by Danka Napiorkowska. It was made in the studio and later manufactured by Carltonware until the factory closed down in 1986. Since then, Lustre Pottery have made 2 new teasets, the French Set designed in 2006 and the large, 12 piece tea set designed in 2007. They are both handmade and decorated in the studio. They carry Lustre Pottery’s new Walking Ware trademark (below) and may be signed & numbered personally by Roger. These sets are made in small, limited editions and these will mark the last of Lustre Pottery Walking Ware designs.


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Plus doua pagini flickr unde puteti vedea foarte multi membri ai familiei plimbarete: aici si aici.

Payseur & Schmidt

La origini: o editura feminist / socialista. Acum: le-a mai venit mintea la cap.

Payseur and Schmidt was founded in Cauheegan, Wisconsin in 1912 by Martina Faye Payseur and Hilde Frauke Schmidt, two young women concerned with social justice and true human equality. Armed with a Pearl Improved #11 letterpress, they began producing tracts of a feminist and socialist nature, which, in the early decades of the 20th century, were either received with arms or hostility, both open.

Asadar, de la socialismul democratic / feminist, pentru-toti, ajungem la

We know our books are a bit pricier than the crappy, disposable paper blocks you can buy at big box stores.