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Inside Job [2010]

…si spunea:

“Recently, neuroscientists have done experiments where they’ve taken individuals and put them into an MRI machine.”

And there is neuroeconomics, you know…


> Articolul lui Raghuram Rajan, Has Financial Development Made the World Riskier?, poate fi dl de aici.

> Screenplay transcript, here.

Marije Meerman – Quants [2010]

Cateva hard-lines:

> Superba folosirea termenului “correlations” in relatie cu termenul “alchimie” (din titlu). Oricum, nu faceti asta acasa, caci, dpdv dogmatic, “correlation is charlatanism“, as we all know.

> Exemplul de la 00.18.24 – 00.19.11 este magnific!

> “It’s a competition between the real world and the elegant world of mathematics. Sometimes the real world it’s just dirty.”

> “I feel like a monk in a monastery…” Pai nu?!

> Google search terms > trading based on what people are searching for.

> What the markets are really about: the companies themselves almost don’t matter. It just about which way their stocks moves. This is all that matters.