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‘An event needs silence’

God is Dead, God has become Man, Man has become God. Nietzsche, in contrast to his predecessors, does not believe in this death. He does not bet on this cross. That is to say: he does not make this death an event possessing its meaning in itself. The death of God has as many meanings are there are forces capable of seizing Christ and making him die; but we are still waiting for the forces or the power which will carry this death to its highest point and make it into something more than an apparent and abstract death. In opposition to the whole romantic movement and to every dialectic Nietzsche mistrusts the death of God. With him the age of naive confidence comes to an end, the age which at some times acclaims the reconciliation of man and God, at others the replacement of God by man. Nietzsche has no faith in great resounding events. An event needs silence and time to discover finally the forces which give it an essence.

– Deleuze, Nietzsche and Philosophy.