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M. Bartholomess, in his Critical History of Religious Doctrines, has enumerated some French writers such as Reaumur, Bonnet, Trembley, Lyonnet, and Professor Zöckler has added many Germans authors, Fabricius, Richter, Lesser, Zorn, Heinsius, Rathlef, Ahlwardt, Schierach and Preu, who gathered theistic proofs and illustrations from every element and subject of nature, in treatises with pedantic titles, such as:

– hydro-theology = an attempt to excite man’s love and admiration of God by a careful study of the proportions, distributions and proprieties of Water;

– pyro-theology = a similar treatise on Fire;

– ehiono-theology = edifying thoughts on the Snow as a wonderful creation of God;

– litho-theology = spiritual meditation on the Rocks;

– phyto-theology & petino-theology = edifying study of Plants and Birds;

– ichthyo-theology & testaceo-theology & insecto-theology = demonstrations of the perfections of God in Fish, Mussels, Snails, and Insects;

– melitto-theology = illustration of the glorious God in Bees;

– akrido-theology = historical and theological thoughts on Grasshopers;

– bronto-theology = theological views of Thunder and Lightning;

– seismo-theology = glorification of God in Earthquakes.


Dincolo de partea comica, este cea tragica. Incercari disperate, dar inutile, de a pune sens intr-o lume golita de…