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Thomas Merton

Albumul Hidden Wholeness: The Visual World of Thomas Merton este rodul colaborarii dintre monahul trapist si John Howard Griffin.

Thomas Merton’s approach to photography is truly personal, lay in his use of his lenses primarly as contemplative instruments… Thomas Merton published few of his photographs. But in the last three ears of his life, when he photographed steadily, he buit up a large archive. From his negatives, I have selected, whenever possible, those photographs that Merton had marked as coming closest to what he hoped to convey through the visual image

scrie Griffin in prefata la albumul mai sus mentionat. Si continua (sublinierile imi apartin):

… Merton’s extraordinary personality permeated his works. To understand anything about this personality, popular pietistic images about contemplatives have to be discarded. Merton was a mystic and a poet, with an ability to see many facets of the same object and to combine within himself seeming opposites. He was simultaneously a man of profound discipline and astonishing freedom; a man who expressed himself eloquently concerning the spiritual life but who kept his own secret prayer private; a man of profound religious abandonment who refused to veil his humanity in the gauze of pietism; a man of the intellect who relished the simplest of manual labor. He combined strength and toughness with a faultless courtesy to others. He possessed a high sense of humor and showed great personal warmth in his relations with others, but had not time to waste on what he called “silliness” or “foolishness” and could terminate such encounters with masterful tact. He would not wear religious masks or pretend, for anyone’s edification, to be other than what he was: a man whose interior life was not for display and who was not going to act out anyone else’s version of what a contemplative should be.

Thomas Merton si Jacques Maritain.

Fotografiati de John Howard Griffin in octombrie 1966

Pentru cei ce doresc intregul album, aici.