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Creativity and the Capitalist City

This film is more than a local documentary on Amsterdam. It explores the dominant urban re-/development pattern in the name of creativity. The hype around the creative city began already a decade ago, it is global in scope and about to reach its peak. It is the latest strategy for urban renewal in advanced Western capitalist cities. After Richard Florida’s influential book “The Rise of the Creative Class” (2002) creativity has advanced to be the role model of urban regeneration: The New American Dream. What is new about this dream? What happens when the hype is over? Housing as a job or the Right to the City?

Capitolul 9

Anthony J. Vanchu, Technology as Esoteric Cosmology in Early Soviet Literature, pp. 203-222. Un articol interesant, aparut in 1997 in volumul The occult in Russian and Soviet culture. Ed. by Bernice Glatzer Rosenthal.

Fall in love with your craft…, these strips of metal… breathe, work, move… they radiate for man, yet they are invisible to doctors… Study every metal, immerse yourself in it, us it and let it flow into the world with your secret instructions and let it do your bidding, do your bidding, do your bidding… The strongest locks, our cunning creations, will unlock themselves merely at our touch. Doors will listen and then tell us what has been said, the mirrors remember, the walls will hide our secret moves, floors will open up, ceilings will fall in, roofs will rise up like lids.


Un titlu gasit in respectivul articol si care mi-a retinut atentia este Ayleen Teskey, Platonov and Fedorov. The influence of Christian philosophy on a Soviet Writer. England: Avebury Publ. 1982. O carte foarte interesanta se pare, pe care insa nu o am. Daca cineva o are, ar fi super! Ceea ce pot sa ofer momentan sunt cateva recenzii la acest volum:

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