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Monastery Desecration

‘Si Qua In Argis Templa Sunt, Sine Turba Ac Tumultu Diruantur’


Din Grecia, cu dragoste. Titlul piesei este un citat dintr-un edict din Codexul Teodosian cu privire la soarta templelor pagane:

‘If there should be any temples, they shall be torn down without disturbance or tumult. For when they are torn down and removed, the material basis for all superstition will be destroyed’.

‘Si qua in agris templa sunt, sine turba ac tumultu diruantur. His enim deiectis atque sublatis omnis superstitioni materia consumetur’

> Intregul album se poate descarca de aici.

Fire Walk with Me

Ascultam ieri Burzum in timp ce citeam Protrepticus-ul lui Clement Alexandrinul. O combinatie destul de stranie, dar nu foarte. Parerea mea e ca Varg ar fi trebuit si el sa o citeasca:

I know fire to be capable of exposing and curing superstition. If thou art willing to abandon this folly, the element of fire shall light thy way. This same fire burned the temple in Argos, with Chrysis the priestess; and that of Artemis in Ephesus the second time after the Amazons. And the Capitol in Rome was often wrapped in flames; nor did the fire spare the temple of Serapis, in the city of the Alexandrians. At Athens it demolished the temple of the Eleutherian Dionysus; and as to the temple of Apollo at Delphi, first a storm assailed it, and then the discerning fire utterly destroyed it. This is told as the preface of what the fire promises.” [here]

Eu unul nu sustin incendierea de biserici. Ar fi chiar culmea. Dar nici stingerea lor, in caz ca…