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Bella da Costa Greene

“Bella da Costa Greene was small and slender, her dainty figure squeezed even thinner into the wasp-waisted corsets of the period’s fashion… She was beautiful as she was brilliant, although her beauty was usually qualified as exotic or unusual. With a cloud of dark hair and huge eyes, olive skin, and a proud carriage, she dressed elegantly and conducted herself with pose and dignity beyond her apparently youthful age.”

She burned all her papers near the end of her life – a romantic and extravagant gesture for a romantic and extravagant woman.

Info + recenzii + achizitie.

H & DG Press

H & DG Press este o editura cu pretentii.

Printre subiectele preferate, se numara:

De foarte curand, un proiect fascinant a fost incheiat: realizarea unei editii facsimilate a marelui Atlas Blaeu-van der Hem:



DVD-ul poate fi achizitionat de aici.

The Bike and the Bus

Incepem cu bicicleta, ca e nepoluanta. Gabriel Levinson e din Chicago.

Bibliotecile nu o duc foarte bine in aceasta perioada… Nu ca am auzit vreodata vreun bibliotecar laudandu-se cu fondurile primite.

Se pare insa ca unii idealisti nu asteapta ca Statul sa faca si sa dreaga totul pentru ei. Pacat, nu? Gabriel, inca din 2008, e unul dintre ei. Dintre idealisti?

The 27-year-old pedals his custom tricycle brimming with books and handmade zines (hmmmm…) from his Lincoln Square home to the city’s parks, where he showers picnickers, children and the homeless with free reads.

Cartile si le alege tematic, in aceasta vara

Levinson is focusing on indie publishers like local artist-bookmakers Parking Block, NYC short-story slingers Electric Literature and TOC Books editor Jonathan Messinger’s baby, featherproof books.


La un nivel mai inalt (dar nu foarte) avem, in Estonia, autobuzul-biblioteca sau biblioteca-autobuz. Este un autobuz amenajat ca o biblioteca, care circula in special in partile in care nu exista biblioteci, unde se organizeaza festivale, la scoli sau in diverse parti din oras, in special in zonele unde sunt parcuri publice.

The mobile library is open to all readers. Collection is about 4000 items. There are recent items in Estonian and in Russian (most of them fiction), and also classical literature, including mandatory literature. It is also possible to order books from the reserve stock. All books in the mobile library and its’ reserve stock can be found from the Online Catalogue ESTER*.

In afara autobuzului mare, pe care il vedeti in poza (este cel din Tallinn), mai exista si unul mic, care duce acasa, in cazul celor batrani sau a persoanelor cu handicap, comenzile facute.

P.S. Autobuz biblioteca-cafenea in Helsinki:


* ESTER is the shared catalogue of the ELNET Consortium member libraries (containing information on all documents acquired by these libraries). The catalogue also contains data on the holdings of university college libraries and special libraries. Mai multe info, aici.