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isolated, but not alone


By Jana Gunstheimer

…si spunea:

“- The only emotion Shinki knows is rejection.

– But then, didn’t you feel lonely?

– Why?! Shinki has me. She was isolated, but she wasn’t alone. Kokutou, have you ever wanted to kill someone?

– So far, no.

– I see. But that’s the only emotion I have. I’m the personality that’s in charge of Shiki’s suppressed thoughts. So I’ve constantly killed my will. I’ve been killing the darkness that is myself. I’ve killed myself over and over… So, the only emotion I’ve experienced is murder.”

– Kara no Kyokai.

Gradina cu pacatosi

…si spunea:

What does a view from a high place remind of you? The impulse you feel when you look down at the world you live in. A violent cognition that attacks you even if you refuse it. An emotion created by an overlooking view. That’s “far”. The scenery you see from a high place is magnificent. Even an ordinary landscape looks beautiful. But a vision that’s too large creates a boundary between you and the world. It’s more correct for you to recognize the large world you see as the world you live in rather than as the small space around you. But [when you’re down] you can’t feel you’re living in this big world no matter how hard you try. Your reasoning, represented by your knowledge, and your experience, represented by your realization, will crash against each other. And eventually, you will lose yourself and confusion will begin.

Vision is not what your eyes see, but an image that your brain comprehends. Our vision is protected by our common sense. Humans can’t live outside their box…”

Citat din acest anime.