Rogier van der Weyden – The Descent from the Cross (c. 1435)

“I live a living death, my flesh is wounded, bleeding, cadaverized, my rhythm slowed down or interrupted, time has been erased or bloated, absorbed into sorrow […] I owe a supreme, metaphysical lucidity to my depression. On the frontiers of life and death, occasionally I have the arrogant feeling of being witness to the meaningless of Being, of revealing the absurdity of bonds and beings.”

– Julia Kristeva

One thought on “Christ-eva

  1. “ […] dar nu voi mai fi aceeasi {acelasi -n.m}. Mi-am pierdut pasarea aceea neagra, aripa ce-mi dadea aripi; pastrez tacera Cristinei, ti-o incredintez. P. S. am intarziat expedierea acestui mail, aveam chef sa continui si apoi, nu, imposibil, doliul este si o forma de lene “

    sunt, pe cat de sincer, pe atat de mirat ca ti-ai amintit nu de Julia K, de care eu mereu voi avea nevoie, ci de faptul ca nu ai uitat ca eu stiu cum este acolo.

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