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143Band & Soosan Firooz

From Afganistan, because.

During the public video shoot, Paradise said she experienced verbal abuse from both men and women who expressed their disapproval through insults and even threatened her. The ongoing backlash on the street and two physical attacks by angry mobs on motorbikes forced the couple to relocate to Tajikistan.

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Monastery Desecration

‘Si Qua In Argis Templa Sunt, Sine Turba Ac Tumultu Diruantur’


Din Grecia, cu dragoste. Titlul piesei este un citat dintr-un edict din Codexul Teodosian cu privire la soarta templelor pagane:

‘If there should be any temples, they shall be torn down without disturbance or tumult. For when they are torn down and removed, the material basis for all superstition will be destroyed’.

‘Si qua in agris templa sunt, sine turba ac tumultu diruantur. His enim deiectis atque sublatis omnis superstitioni materia consumetur’

> Intregul album se poate descarca de aici.