Ann Demeulemeester SS | 12



…si citeam recent la Plotin:

Matter it ‘is not soul or intellect or life or form or rational formative principle or limit – for it is unlimitedness – or power – for what does it make? – but, falling outside all these, it could not properly receive the title of being but would appropriately be called non-being, not in the sense in which motion is not being or rest not being but truly not-being; it is a ghostly image of bulk, a tendency towards substantial existence; it is static without being stable; it is invisible in itself and escapes any attempt to see it, and occurs when one is not looking, but even if you look closely you cannot see it’ (Enneada a III-a).

Hainele lui Demeulemeester par a fi facute din materia lui Plotin… They occur when no one is looking.