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…si spunea:

‘keeping in view our sense perceptions and affections – for so shall we have the firmest grounds for proof  – we must recognize that the soul [is] related in its nature to pneuma’

– Epicurus, Letter to Herodotus.



Intrarea (Palermo, 1150)

…si spunea:

‘Like Celan, Benjamin understands the ‘second’ (Sekunde) not so much as a positive moment in time but rather as a cut, division, or opening within it. Like its English cognate, the German Sekunde derives from the Latin secunda minuta, the second minute, itself the ‘result of a second operation of sexagesimal division.’ It is through such divisions within divisions – of hours into minutes, minutes into seconds, and seconds into split seconds – Benjamin suggests, that the Messiah might enter.’

– Michael G. Levine, A Weak Messianic Power.

Nu stiu, dar eu nu reusesc sa trec de Patimi. Intreaga faza cu Invierea mi se pare o minciuna cu duhoare pagana.