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James Watkins – The Woman in Black [2012]

…si se intrebau: Why doesn’t everyone just move out of the town?

Din cauza mormintelor. Mormintele ne tin pe loc… Chiar daca plecam, le caram cu noi. Nimic nu se schimba.

During afternoon tea there is a shift in the air,

A bone trembling chill that tells you she is there,

There are those who believe that the whole town is cursed,

That the house in the marsh is by far the worst.

What she wants is unknown but she always comes back,

The spectre of darkness,

The Woman in Black.


Una dintre cele mai bune drame politice pe care le-am vazut in ultima perioada – sau pe care am incercat sa le vad, dar, fiind atat de proaste, nu am reusit.

Din pacate serialul, a fost intrerupt dupa 2 sezoane. Avem destule idiotenii care sa ne tina – timp de 12 sezoane – de urat. De urmarit cu creionul in mana si butonul de repeat alaturi.

…si spunea:

“North Side, Lincoln Square: the Germans. Northwest, Division and Ashland: the Polonia triangle, as well as the Czechs and the Jews. The West Side: Chinatown. South Side: the Blacks. All the rest and in between: the Irish. These were tribes, and they hated each other. They fought, maimed, killed, rioted against each other. Cermak weaved a thread through the lot of them, and pulled them in, forming the first truly dominant political force this country had ever seen. He did it because he understood something basic about all people. They want to be led.”