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In a well-constituted state!

Citeam azi din carticica On the Best State a lui Avva Bolzano (scrisa prin 1831, ramasa nepublicata pana in 1932):

Many trades, arts*, and ways of life that are tolerated in present state shall in a well-constituted state either be completely forbidden or at least so restricted that no one shall be permitted to make them his sole activity, i.e. to pursue them as the sole occupation of his entire life. Then, in a well-constituted state books, pictures, songs and other items that stimulate the sex-drive, fill the imagination with lascivious pictures etc., shall nowhere and under no pretext be tolerated [here].

Before Nineteen Eighty-Four, there is Eighteen Thirty-One.


* Between these: music, dance, acting, mime, conjuring, jewelry making – including the whole range of luxury products – and more.