Daily Archives: 19 June 2012


“Anti-modernism lives in our pomo Zeitgeist as an insatiable hunger for something that seems to be lacking, something that we believe we once had but have lost, something we feel deeply nostalgic about and something that we hope to rediscover” – Craig J. Thompson

[In caz ca cineva incearca sa afle care naiba e relatia intre marketing (aka, domeniul meu de interes) si barbologiile despre “dezvrajiraea” lumii & all that crap pe care le tot scriu pe aici. Ceea ce incerc pana la urma sa fac este sa inteleg ce reprezinta acel something: what was it, why / how we lost it… Si nu am destul curaj sa spun ca, poate, intr-o zi, we hope to rediscover it. Fara eticheta, fara pret.]