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2 atei, monologand

Prima parte a unui interviu cu adevarat interesant (restul partilor, de sunteti interesati, le gasiti pe tub). Mi-am scos cateva note, insa in cadrul acestui post am sa ma opresc, foarte pe scurt, doar la doua chestiuni:

1. afirmatiile pe care le face Coyne, contrar a ceea ce probabil multi cred, sunt foarte crestine. Ca si cele pe care le face Dawkins. Iezuitul nostru nu este nici primul si nici cel mai radical crestin darwinist (here and here [part. I, cap. 4]). Stiind aceste lucruri, nu ne mai mira ca cineva ca Jacques Loeb was bitterly hostile to Darwinian evolutionary theory because it could be used to support Christian theology (here). Mda, cu o diferenta: evolutionismul este un output al doctrinei crestine si nu o gaselnita “which can be used to”.

2. God has no place in science, honestly. To explain things, I don’t need God. I don’t need God to explain, say, the rainbow, ne spune S.J.-ul. De acord. Ironic insa, toti parintii of the so called modern science au avut nevoie de God pentru a-si fonda teoriile – impotriva paganilor si ignorantilor de grecotei. Teorii care sunt folosite astazi atat de americani, cat si de japonezi. Caci nu?, ne spune Dawkins in acelasi interviu, one of the great virtues of science is its universality: a Japanese scientist is not different from an American scientist.


In caz ca intereseaza pe cineva

Chiril din Baskerville

“Great care must then be taken, and it is especially your holiness’s business to undertake this duty, to tell the guild of undertakers to lay a very big and heavy stone upon his grave, for fear he should come back again, and show his changeable mind once more. Let him take his new doctrines to the shades below, and preach to them all day and all night. We are not at all afraid of his dividing them by making public addresses against true religion and by investing an immortal nature with death. He will be stoned not only by ghosts learned in divine law, but also by Nimrod, Pharaoh and Sennacherib, or any other of God’s enemies.”

(Letter of Theodoretus written on the Death of Cyril, Bishop of Alexandria.) [here]

[Courtesy of Al]