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Din nou Bizantul

Legat de traditia imnografica bizantina este si costumul pe care psaltii il purtau in timpul oficiilor liturgice:

Ioan Kukuzelis reprezentat in costum de proto-psalt

intr-un manuscris din sec. XV

Recent am descoperit un performance al corului Romeiko care, alaturi de scoaterea la lumina a unor compozitii prea lung uitate, a reconstruit, pentru prima data, si costumele traditionale pe care le purtau cantorii bizantini:


The cantors (psaltes) wore wide-brimmed hats (skiadion) or tall “bullet” hats (skaranikon) and dressed in special cloaks (kamision and phelonion) girded with a belt (sfiktourion).  This cantors’ costume tradition was lost after the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 leaving the cantor dressed only with a black robe (rason) of the Eastern Church. However, for the first time since the Fall, Yorgos Bilalis has joined forces with costume designer Fatima Lavor-Peters to recreate these Byzantine vestments as they are described in several treatises or depicted on Byzantine frescoes and manuscript miniatures.