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Uncommon creatures

Danezii de la Uncommon creatures au in spatele fiecarei colectii o viziune particulara.

For the A / W 2011 collection the history behind goes like this:

The nomadic lifestyle was outlawed during Communism as of 1964, with disastrous results for thousands of Gypsies. The Communist regime covered up the problems, resulting in the fact that even today there are Gypsies living under conditions that were common thousands of years ago. When the regime also forbade “traveling”, many villages offered them a home, among them villages like Viseu de Sus, situated and hidden in the Maramures mountains in Romania. The silhouette of uncommon creatures A/W11 is avant-garde and raw while keeping a high degree of simplicity and quality. In Uncommon creatures A/W 2011, textiles such as pre-washed raw silk, universal blankets (used by Romanian Gypsies) and Japanese knit with silk are used.



O imagine din boutique-ul UC, aici.