Daily Archives: 19 November 2010

Secret Assembly

[Neo-monahismul hrubelor subpamantene

Camaraderie of Deutsch Nepal, Noises of Russia, First Human Ferro and Filivs Macrocosmi assembled for an old school dark ambient / death industrial sound. Deep isolationism, misanthropist & sociopath dark industrial, religious noise mantra, and erotic mechanica crisscrossed to form a magnificent post-industrial Hymn.


Lumina ratiunii

Francesco Cepparuli – Lumina Ratiunii deschide ochii orbilor (1751)


Imagine din articolul lui Rolf Reichardt si Deborah Cohen:

Light against Darkness. The Visual Representations of a Central Enlightenment Concept,

in Representations, No. 61, Special Issue: Practices of Enlightenment (Winter, 1998), pp.95-148.