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Pina Bausch – Kontakthof [2000]

Pina Bausch, in 2009, a schimbat o scena cu o alta.

The performers, all aged between 65 and 75, enact mating rituals and sexual frenzy apparently more suited to those less than half their ages. When Pina Bausch revived her seminal 1978 dance piece in 2000 she opted to use a cast of seniors, previously untrained in stage dancing, with stunning, if sometimes uncomfortable results.

… si spunea:

I’m not interested in how people move; I’m interested in what makes them move.

DVD-ul in editia franceza este acompaniat de un volum in patru limbi (engleza, franceza, italiana, germana) cu interviuri, bla-bla etc. Mai multe info si achizitionare, aici.