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Tranhumanismul este un curent socio-politic care, incet-incet, castiga din ce in ce mai multa popularitate nu doar in randurile celor cu fundurile asezate pe catedre, ci si in lumea rarefiata a artei alternative. Astazi, avand creierul incins de atata caldura, aka fiind in calduri, m-am gandit sa va prezint doi artisti mai putini cunoscuti ce isi intersecteaza pixelii cu unele din ideile miscarii. Respective.

BG Nichols, persoana din spatele proiectului, si_comm

currently addresses himself to the technologically sophisticated environment of our advanced digital society and proposes critical and creative reforms that constitute a rupture of traditional solutions.

Albumul Probe, aparut in 2004,

examines the notion of an impending new species of Posthuman beings,

el reluand, sonor, cateva din intrebarile pe care si le pune Nichols cu privire la limbaj si relatia dintre acesta si eventualele fapturi post-umane:

# Given that language appears to evolve alongside the great leaps of human cognition and intuition, how might the language of these Posthumans be constructed?

# What will language become?

Personal nu sunt de acord cu multe din ideile artistului, insa articolul acesta cred ca merita a fi parcurs.

Un alt artist interesat de chestiunea post- / transhumanista este si Edgar Franco, cel din spatele proiectului Posthuman Tantra:

Posthuman Tantra is a sci-fi ambient industrial soundtrack to the “Posthuman Aurora” – a visionary brave new world based in mix between Dna and Sylicon, with a new kind of creatures that will mixture human, animals, vegetables and machines.

Un interviu cu artistul brazilian, aici:

A digital creature that represents us in a virtual reality world will be able to live forever, carrying our memories and desires even after the death of our biological body.